I know there are similar questions already out there but I really want an answer specific to me. Me and my girlfriend were fooling around tonight and she went down to give me head. All we had done up to this point is me fingering her. She went down on me for around four minutes at least and I couldn't get hard. I had already jacked off once that morning but that was at like ten and it was now the ten thirty at night. I was super embarrassed but thankfully it didn't get to akward. But she thinks it was her fault. My girlfriend is extremely attractive so there is no way its just that I'm not attracted physically to her. This happened to me once before when I tried to have sex with my ex but I'm 100% positive that was cause I wasn't attracted to her physically at all and it never happened when she gave me head. I'm only 16 and know this shouldn't be happening. I'm really embarrassed and I'm scared this will happen again. I don't want to go to the doctor cause then my rents will find out. I get about 7 hours asleep a night, I drink probably once every two weeks, smoke cigars when I drink, and smoke marijuana about once a week, and chew tobacco about once a week tops. What do I do so this doesn't happen again?