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    May 26, 2015, 10:00 PM
    Early ejaculation
    Hi.. whenever I have sex with my wife I ejaculate within 1 min of intercourse. But while I masturbate I am able to hold my ejaculation. When it comes to intercourse I normally insert my penis into the vagina but within 1 min I lose my control and ejaculate. Please help me.
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    May 27, 2015, 06:55 AM
    Have you tried masturbating about 30min-1hr before sex? I have found if I do that, I last longer. Other options is condoms, they tend to deaden the sensation a little and you can get them in fun shapes/varieties for your wife. Also some condoms come with a numbing agent on the condom, but you need to becareful to put it on the right way or you'll numb your wife, and that would be no fun at all.

    The problem with masturbation is that you control the sensation and you know the sensation. There is also far less going on to stimulate your senses during masturbation. Sex is a completely different sensation and situation. It is hard to control a lot of what is going on and in combination with that there is a lot more stimulating you besides genital contact and penetration. With masturbation if you want to stop you just let go, with sex there is a LOT more you need to disengage from. So masturbation is useful here to recognize where you are in relation to ejaculating. If that makes sense. If you have an idea of where you are then you can slow down or withdraw at that point.

    Sex is also a lot more then just penetration, but you know that. Spend more time on foreplay and concentrating on your wife. She'll appreciate it. As well if you do go quickly that doesn't need to end the sexual encounter. You can continue to pleasure her while you wait for your erection to return. Once it does, you'll last longer that time. You go twice and your wife has a pleasurable encounter.

    Good luck.

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