For about a week now I have had some discomfort, but not really pain, at the very tip of the penis. At first there was a burning sensation for about 15 minutes, and then it subsided into a kind of slight discomfort, as if it might hurt ot unirate, but it does not So, now it is not 100% right, and I have the impression that there is a dysfunction or a slight infection.

It started about a week ago when I was in the shower and soaping the rectal area and cleaning up this area and the genitals and taking a full shower. This has occurred before at a lesser intensity, but only a few times in my 58 years, and for only a few seconds or minutes.

There is no burning at the tip of the penis now, and there is no other problem anywhere else (in the shaft, scrotum, prostrate lower back ---none) as I have read in some of the other web sites. And, my usual prostrate PSA readings are 1-2.

I have been doing a lot of exercise lately and 10 minutes of bicycling in the gym per day.
Could this have triggred some type of dysfunction?

Or could this be a slight infection or simply a passing discomfort. Most of the day there is really nothing, but it does not seem be a 100% either or back to normal.

I would appreciate your comments.