Latley I have noticed bumps on my penis. On my shaft I've notice a lot of really small white bumps which I think may be Fordyce's spots. But around the base of my penis I've noticed bigger bumps, almost like zits. They are more red and a bit bigger.

I've had the same girl friend for over a year now and I haven't been with any other women. I did however notice the red bumps several months earlier, but they went away rather quickly so I didn't pay any attention to them. But now there seems to be more and tend to last longer.

Any idea what this could be? I went to a doctor several months ago when they weren't bad and there were only a couple. He looked at them asked if they were on my shaft and if I was having discharge or burning sensations and I said no. So he said not to worry, but never really told me what it could be. So I figure he might of missed something. So if anyone can talk to me that would be great, this is really stressing me out, I've stopped having sex with my girlfriend since I noticed! Thanks. BTW I'm 21 in case age plays a part in this.