Yea.. I think I have the problem too.. little bump on the skin at the mid shaft(most of them at my circumcised area) ,I got several of them.. and some of the white stuff are soft(cream-type) and some are a little hard(something like seed) will be squeezed out if put on pressure, no any pain because it's at the skin layer I suppose. And the bump is like having the white stuff in the middle with two tiny hole open-ended at both end of the bump. After forcing it out.. the bump becomes soft like without the seed inside, but the extra outer skin is still there.. creating a hollow. It's like extra layer of skin... it's annoying. And don't intend to scare anyone during sex.. because of the white stuff and hollow. Is there any cure? Is it because sometimes after sex or masturbation I didn't clean/ wash off the semen(residual) cleanly?