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    Bump on penis, inner thigh

    Asked Sep 6, 2008, 02:34 PM 1 Answer
    For quite awhile (1-2 years), a few little bumps came about on my right inner thigh, near the base of my scrotum. Over the years, I'd itch them, they'd stop itching, and then a couple more would come up. They've made there way up a couple inches from the base to the front. The new ones itch, usually a small layer of skin gets scratched off, and there will be a small raw spot of skin under it. It will secrete some liquid, and it will dry and heal.

    I've always not thought too much about it because it's never gotten on my hands, other thigh, penis, etc.

    But just today, I look down there and I see a bump on the right side of my penis. It's on the shaft, about half a centimeter by a half a centimeter, slighty red, and slopes to a top.

    Slightly squishing this new bump, it feels kind of stiff. Squishy at the base because it is skin, but the top is like a small little ball.

    What is going on? What is this? I've never have had sex with anyone, haven't kissed at all. Only masturbating, but I've done that for years and years...

    EDIT: I do have some pubic hair on that area of skin... could it be an ingrown hair? It's slightly painful if I squeeze it, but masturbating feels fine.

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    1 Answer
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    Sep 7, 2008, 12:38 AM
    Never mind. After extensive research, I've finally concluded I simply have jock itch on my thigh, and a simple cyst on my penis.

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