My boyfriend has white tiny pimple looking bumps a little above his penis where he has most pubic hair.. it looked like a red rash and there were many tiny tiny bumps and I got him a cream and power (since he often sweats in the area) and it has gotten a little better in just about 2 weeks but there are still tiny bumps they have white heads and I have popped them just like a pimple and then it bleeds. Me and him have had sex with each other only (unprotected) for the past 8 months including oral and neither I nor him have anything like it else where such as the mouth or lips and I do not have anything on my private area. The bumps are not on his penis just by the area where the pubis hair grows just above the penis and below the pelvis. He never shaved this area trimmed with scissorrs perhaps the short hair with the sweat causes irritation. I assume that the reason the rash has not disappeared quickly with the creams and powder are because (besides them not being suitible for his rash) he continually sweats on the area for the most part of the day. What do you assume it could possibly be. There is not pain during intercourse or pain during urination and there are no bumps elsewhere on the penis.