I am in pain management for shoulder reconstruction x 3 with auto transplant. I am prescribed Celexa for depression and Ambien for sleep. I went out of town to visit my Mother for a week or so and forgot to take my Celexa, Ambien, Hormone, all my vitamins etc. I have severe insomnia at times. Mom is prescribed Trazadone for sleep and gave me one for about 4-5 nights in a row as she also gave me her hormone and her Celexa. 6 days later I had my regular appt with my pain management Dr. Randomly, does a 12-13 panel confirmatory urine drug screen. I know that tests for Tricylic antidepressants as it tests for everything I take. I do not normally take medication not prescribed to me by my pain dr, this was because I forgot my meds. Concerned how it will test or will it show at all after 6 days?