I had anxiety issues 5 years back now I am 21 and was advised Stelbid 1.0 And CLonotril 0.25 by the doctor. I took the medicines to keep myself at peace. 3.5 years back I came in relationship and my boyfriend changed my life for good. He made sure I don't take these medicines and always keeps me happy and at peace.
But from past 1 month this problem has revived again due to constant demotivation from parents and now that he has started working he also is unable to give me the time he used to give. I completely understand that he has to make his career and that he still gives me whatsoever little time he can spare but I am getting annoyed . Help me decide if I should take these medicines or not again. As these medicines have a long term bad effect and He had me promised I would not take them at all.
I love him dearly and don't want to break his trust but on contrary I am getting this feeling of being alone and left out.
P.s I am from India.