I have been taking oxycodone 30 mg for about 3 months. I ran out last Monday and took some recent left over lorbab 10's and 1 recent leftover morphine, all of which are hydrocodone related I believe. Like I said I took the last oxycodone 30mg on Monday morning, then Monday afternoon took 1 morphine and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday morning took lortab 10's. When I went to lab-corp to have my blood taken and a urinalysis, it all came back NEGATIVE. Does anybody know WHY this would be. My doctor practically accused me of getting narcotics just to sell them. Well I am DEFINITELY NOT. I have a cracked vertebrea in my L5 and need back surgery. I do take all of my medications and do NOT sell them. I am overweight for my height, about 70 lbs. Does anybody think this would be a factor and I have been walking about 1 or 2 miles lately on some days. Would this play a factor in a negative. I searched the internet and found this site. That is why I am asking how long do these stay in blood and urine. I just don't understand why it didn't show up positive. My doctor even went to Harvard so you would think he would know. Any help would be appreciated and the sooner the better because he said he wouldn't prescribe me any more pain medication until next week and then he will have another blood/urine test and if it comes back negative again he said he will report me to my insurance and have it cancelled. And I didn't do anything wrong except follow my doctors orders. If anything I took them a little to often. It said every 4 hours so I took them 6x per day because I don't sleep all night and I take one in the middle of the night.
please advise me of something if anybody knows.