I had a drug test taken at the clinic I have been going to for 2yrs.and I'm on adderall 20mg. Clonazepam.5mg. Doxepin 25mg. Methodone 80mg and furosemide 20mg. My test came back negative. For everything! They see me take my methodone everyday. They won't retest it because I signed a paper when I took the test that because there wasn't enough urine it could not be retested. I signed it because I had no worries never had a problem. Now the water pill furosemide is a new med. And makes me pee a lot and makes me very thirsty so I've been drinking more water than I usually do anyway they want me to attend a group for 4weeks at 7am and I have done nothing wrong I did see online that the water pill could cause the false negative. On everything is this true? I am so upset because they think I did something to my urine. What can I do if I don't go to these groups then they will take away my take home doses of methodone. And I can't go everyday I get 3 take homes and was just getting ready to get 4 I've worked hard for these take home doses please can someone help?