I take a number of prescribed medications, Pentazocine/Naloxone, Adderall, Xanax, Prozac, Venafaxine, and an over the counter sleep aid for 15 years. Always the same drugs, same doses. A Dr. Gave me my first urine and/or blood test for drugs. No drugs of ANY KIND showed up. Nothing! Even though one of my prescribed drugs is an opiate, the other a controlled substance, and Adderall... Adderall did not show up? I take it EVERYDAY, just as prescribed. I said they must have mixed it up with someone else. They did not even bother to do a second test. Now the Dr. Is refusing to refill my prescriptions. What the Heck? The nurse told me,"Sometimes people get these drugs and then sell them on the street". I am a 53 year old mother of 3 grown children, who has always lived in the same community. I have never done anything illegal, dishonest, unethical or immoral in my life. And I don't need money, I need my medications. Am I being accused of a crime? Do I hire a lawyer? I live in a small town and cannot tolerate my reputation being harmed. I am in shock. Any helpful advice?