I was just dismissed from my doctor of 2 years. I was given a urine test 2 months and just informed today when I went for my appointment that I am no longer his patient because my test was positive for morphine. This test was given 2 months ago and I've even seen him since and got my usual prescriptions from him for my extreme back pain and arthritis and anxiety disorder. The drugs I take monthly are Percocet, Soma, Tramadol, Xanax and my High Blood pressure medicine which is Lisinopril. I had never taken Morphine before the urine test 2 months ago but last month he wrote me a prescription for MS Contin because the Percocets were wearing off too fast and I guess after 2 years he said I had probably developed a tolerance so the MS Contin would help and it did. Now I have no doctor and No medication and I'm terrified that I'm going to either die or have a stroke going without my medication so suddenly. So my question is how could Morphine have showed up in my Urine when I had never taken it before and is it even legal for him to just cut me off wihout any warning. His staff is the one that gave me this information and said I couldn't talk to him at all since I'm not his patient anymore and told me to just "leave NOW". I don't have insurance so I can't go to another doctor, this doctor was letting me self pay. Help please cause I'm terrified and need to know about the morphine in my system and the legality of all this.