It started about a year ago. I felt something little moving on my head, as I was laying in bed. I thought maybe I got fleas on a friend's farm, or head lice or something. I washed my hair and the feeling was the same. It was just a little thing moving around.

It started getting bigger, the feeling, several months later. I knew it was not just a flea or something. I read on the internet about parasites and such. Then I was worried that it might be a tape worm or something. I only felt the movement by my Left side of the head or brain? Left side just above and behind the ear.

About two months ago, I remember thinking YAY! The feeling is gone! A couple weeks later I was feeling really weird feelings on the Left side of my head as I slept. I would now feel a bigger something moving beneith the skin or on my brain on the left.

Two weeks ago I realized that it must be blood flow. I did not feel a pulse or anything, but it felt as if blood flow was being restricted and slowed down. That I realized when I lay flat on my back at night and I turn my head to the Right. If I turn my head to the Left and lay my head on the affect area it seems OK or if I have my head facing up.

If I lay with my head to the Right. I start to feel the feeling of something moving it a certain area only a certain direction. I think I am sure it is blood flow now. Anyhow If I lay flat on my back with my head to the Right, the feeling on the Left side of my head is weird. It is a little tingling sensation that grows bigger in about 30 sec. Then it is almost like a hand falling asleep or something. An additional 30 seconds it is like it starts to go numb, kind of. I am worried that it will get worse and do damage if I continue to lay that way.

When I wake up in the morning I have tried to lay with my head facing the Right just to see what it feels like... and it is nothing out of the ordinary. My head feels normal either way... Once my pulse is slow and my blood flow is slower while sleeping, I feel OK... until this morning... I felt those feelings this morning.

On the internet I read that Pork tape worm, contracted from under cooked pork possibly or another human not washing their hands after using the bathroom before preparing food, can affect the brain. I have not had very many sexual partners because of worries. I am gay (please put those feelings of hate aside). The reason I am saying this is a VERY hot black guy from Africa, I did stick my tongue up and lick his , before ing it.

Something like tape worm would be moving all over though wouldn't it, or does the worm just feed on it's host in a certain area?

If it was a nerve why is it getting worse?

If it was something on my brain, like Cancer, wouldn't I have other symptoms too?

Any help is appreciated.