:( I have had a severe pain in my left foot for about 3 months. It's most painful on the outside of the left foot about 2/4 way down in a vertical direction. The pain has gradually gotten worse. I've seen several different specialist about the problem and had a handful of x-rays taken which appear to be normal. None of them seem to be very worried about it and their prognosis has either been a torn ligament or tendonitis. It has began to affect my daily life, as I am having trouble sleeping and even walking normally on it. Treatments such as an anti-inflammatory medications and other drugs were prescribed, but never worked. And also the using of various foot slings or casts, which have in no way improved the problem. I am flat footed, however, I'm not sure if this is contributing to the issue of why I'm having so much trouble with this one foot. If it helps I am a 20 year old college student. So my daily activities are pretty basic. I in no way remember having any injuries the day before it began hurting. Please tell me there's something I can do! And thanks so much for your knowledge and help!