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    Aug 26, 2018, 11:29 AM
    Lower right Intense back pain... comes and goes
    Iíve recently been getting these Intense Pains in my lower back on the right side. It sometimes goes down my butt cheek and a little down my leg.( Also I randomly get these weird sensations like cold water is being dripped on or from the inside of my right thigh. )Itís so intense I Have to squat or if possible lay down and try and stretch out my lower back. It lasts anywhere from 1 minute to 4 or 5 minutes, then goes away. I canít figure out any real Pattern to it. It feels like something is tightening from my toes to my shoulder, if that makes sense. I have had 2 L-4&5 fusions , interior& anterior about 20 years or so ago. The procedures were successful after the second one which was through the front. This pain Iím getting now is new and different from anything Iíve had before. Iím wondering if these symptoms might sound familiar to any one and if it could be an organ or something?
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    Aug 27, 2018, 11:22 PM
    Hi.. I would like to share some idea to get relieved from such pains but very first is to go complete body checkup to avoid any kind of medical risk, it better to know our self without falling into any risk.
    Join some Body massage center/ full body steam centers which will help you to unblock the blocked nerves if any...
    Learn some exercise or Yoga is more advisable for joint pains and bone relief pains, and continue it for long time.
    you can try Aerobic at home...
    Take care.
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    Dec 20, 2019, 07:53 AM
    Mechanical problems with the backbone, muscle groups, tendons, and ligaments are the most commonplace causes of decrease proper again ache. ... In a few instances, people may experience a stupid pain that lasts a long time or comes and goes. In different cases, they will have sharp, shooting ache.Mar eleven, 2019

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