I have a dull intermittent pain (hourly or so) in a location that looks like the right colic flexure from the diagram I viewed... About three inches in from my rib cage and about three inches below my rib cage. I pressed deeply at one point and felt what might be fecal matter. I have had two bowel movements since the pain began about 3 a.m. This morning. Second bowel movement by enema. I have used enemas with regularity for 30 years, usually weekly. However it has been over a month since the last enema, since during December/January time I was using a colon cleansing regime of a natural herbal supplement up until about 3 weeks ago.
I cannot remember having gas pain on the right side before, and definitely not for more than a couple of hours.
I am vegetarian, diet is good. Last night, I did eat a slice of vegetarian pizza from which I normally don't have any problems... Broccoli and french fries.
What is it?