Im 54 years old (male) and had a spinal fusion in my neck back in 98. Have pain in it and heaviness across my shoulders (full of arthritis and showing signs of separation from last x-rays and scan about a year or so ago). But the real issue is my rotor cuffs. They are causing me Extreme pain in the front of my shoulders/arms like in the slit of the cuff (the extreme pain has moved from the front to the outside of my arm (for about 2 weeks) and now back to the front again).. It started at the right side about 5 months ago where it would jab me with pain to do the simple things like reach up to mess with the radio in the car. Then about 3 months ago my left cuff is doing the same thing. The pain, (with ill feeling inside and sick to my stomach) is so bad now I haven't been able to work for 2 weeks. I went to the emergency room because I don't have any insurance (nun offered in my work and can't afford it) and the Doc said I have damaged rotor cuffs... But they never took any x-rays or anything because I didn't have any insurance I guess (Huntsville Alabama - that's just the way it is here. They won't give me Medicaid/Medicare either, I guess cause I don't have any underage kids living at home (all grown))... or maybe it's just doctor not needing to... I don't know. He just gave me steroids that did not help any at all. Anyway, just crying out for any explanation of help... Is this the result of server cuff damage... and in both cuffs (what's the odds)? The pain allows me very little sleep and it's a wonder I haven't OD'ed on ibuprofen and BC's.