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    Deepan Posts: 1, Reputation: 1
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    Jul 2, 2010, 01:48 AM
    I want to be fat & healthy?
    Just a quick question.
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    J_9 Posts: 40,277, Reputation: 5644

    Jul 2, 2010, 02:02 AM

    Fat is not healthy. How much do you weigh now?
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    DrBill100 Posts: 3,241, Reputation: 502
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    Jul 2, 2010, 08:09 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Deepan View Post
    Just a quick question.
    I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.
    Fr_Chuck's Avatar
    Fr_Chuck Posts: 81,303, Reputation: 7691

    Jul 2, 2010, 09:36 AM

    You can not be both
    redhed35's Avatar
    redhed35 Posts: 4,221, Reputation: 1910
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    Jul 2, 2010, 10:13 AM

    Why not go for your natural body weight and healthy,fat and heathly don't usually go hand in hand,however there are people who are naturally big(as opposed to fat) and are very healthy.
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    Devorameira Posts: 2,461, Reputation: 981
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    Jul 9, 2010, 01:42 PM

    Eat a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep and exercise.

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