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    Nov 14, 2010, 09:42 AM
    Is my metabolism already dead?
    Please help me!is my metabolism already dead?? Hi every body! Actually I am 24 years old and I have moved to another country to continue my studying 7 mounths ago but since I moved first I 've lost some weight and then I have gained about 6 or7 kg(I have had a lots of problems even I had problems with my periods!)but now everything is going better I think.but here is the problem :i was so worried about my weight that I did really bad things to get back to my normal weight(starving myself,fasting,I even did that purging thing sometimes after bingeing!I know it was not right and I am not doing it any more and I just did it a few times not everyday or every time but anyway,I know it kills metabolism! And... )and I was always carving for carbs and sweets1).its just I had always ate whatever I wanted and never gained this much weight and it was a real shock for me and I was really worried!anyway now I know it was wrong,I'm not gaining more weight and I am not overweight still in the normal range but I realized during the last week that I am not losing weight very easy anymore!so can anyone please help me?does it mean that my metabolism is already dead in these 2 or 3 mounths?is there anyway to repair it ?or am I going to have to deal with gaining weight for the rest of my life?I would really want to go back to my normal weight!

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