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    Jun 3, 2004, 05:32 AM
    Kidney disease and deafness
    Could you please tell me if a parent has kidney failure and kidney disease if a child is conceived could that child be born deaf. My husband died of kidney failure and was 100% disabled because of operations done wrong. He died in VA hospital. My son is deaf and he has it so hard to find work. He is good person but destin to be poor. A friend told me he heard that kidney trouble could cause deafness in the unborn. If you don't know the answer could you tell me how to find out. Where do they do research in this? Thanks for any help
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    Jul 21, 2004, 06:52 AM
    Kidney disease and deafness
    No kidney disease in the father to my knowledge causes deafness in the child.
    There are however rare disaeses in which deafness and kidney deformations go together.
    It depends on the cause of your husbands kidney disease, if this could be due do one of these conditions.
    So, ask your family physician exactly what disease your husband had and what his opinion is for the cause of your sons deafness.
    Look your husbands disease up in the internet to find out if it is hereditary and if hearing problems go together with it. This might also be useful if your son wants to have children of his own eventually.

    Deafness can be caused by many things, for example by common infections in pregnancy.

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