I’m desperately writing to seek some medical consultation from you regarding
Multiple Myeloma. Currently, my 76-year-old father and I live in Iran.
I’m going to elaborate on my father’s medical history: Currently he is suffering
from Proteinuria . The recent medical tests have revealed presence of “Bence Jones Protein” in his urine.
The oncologist advised my father to undergo Biopsy test on his back bone
and ribs. Actually, The Oncologist made two Biopsy samples. The laboratory tests done by the oncologist himself in his private lab, revealed 60% plasma cell infiltration. However, the laboratory test carried out by another Pathobiology Lab showed 20 % Plasma cells infiltration. The Oncologist diagnosed that my father suffers from Multiple Myeloma. He also advised my father to go for X-ray from his skull. Fortunately there was no tumor in his skull. He told my father that this is the beginning of Multiple Myeloma and the disease hasn’t seriously affected any organ except his kidneys suffering from Proteinuria. The proteinuria measured repeatedly since June 2009, fluctuates between (2700 mg, 3400 mg) per 24 hour. On the basis of the 60 % Plasma Cells infiltration, the oncologist urged my father to start chemotherapy immediately for four months. The name of the medicines that Oncologist is going to administer and inject are “Kytril “,“Vincristine “and “Doxorubicin.Actually, I’m skeptical about the Iranian oncologist competence in treating my father’s Myeloma disease with the right chemotherapeutic medication. All that I’m struggling to achieve is to save my fathers life from this disease. Owing to the facts I have mentioned above, I’m urgently appeal to you to help my father to receive the appropriate chemotherapeutic medication by providing
him with long distance treatment service. I’m ready to pay for any medical
consultation and prescription fee you are going to charge during medication.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you require me to email you the relevant
Blood, Biopsy and urine Tests carried out so far.
In advance your prompt reply would be highly appreciated.
Yours Sincerely
Shervin Haghighi Saed