I am going to be 31 years old this year. Let's start there. I am always sweating! I've always been a big 'sweater' since I was younger & into sports, but now whether I am working out or not, I am constantly sweating. We will literally have the air on 76 all day long in our house- and I am still finding myself walking around either naked or in underwear & a sports bra & even then I am still sweating. I have been trying to be more clothed lately as my kids are getting older & I am sure it is not a good idea to be walking around nude in front of them. A couple months ago I had a blood test done because I was convinced my thyroid was messed up, but all the blood work came back normal... then I thought maybe the reason I was sweating was because of my medication- I have been on Welburtin for a year now, so my doctor decreased my dosage & here I am - still sweating! It has been a month since my doctor decreased the dosage of my medication, I have not called her back yet to tell her I am still sweating excessively. My mother in law is wondering if I am going through menopause, which is so scary, because I am only 30! But I HAVE heard that women as young as my age can go through menopause this early. I am just sooo confused as to why I am always sweating, its disgusting & sooo incredibly uncomfortable especially considering I live in Florida & its soooo hot here right now & we are now entering summertime. Ughh. Any suggestions?