Itchy bumps appear on face out of no where I can just be sitting at my desk at work a part of my face starts to itch its like a mesquito bite even if I don't scratch it can swell. I don't use commercial products on my face only natural ingredients (literally stuff out of my kitchen). I laid my head on my boyfriends shoulder last night after a few minutes two red itchy bumps appeared on that side of my face. I didn't scratch. I was looking at them in the mirror and out of no where another tiny bump appeared on the corner of my eye it also itched (this was the opposite side). They were gone by the morning. So they just appear from no where. Also last night top of the right side of my lip itched I scratched and within minutes I had a hard lump above my lip that swelled like someone had punched me in my mouth! I checked my sheets to see if something has bit me and nothing! I was thinking about the heat from radiator in my bedroom causing the problem but this happens when Im not even at home. Its been going on for months I can't remember exactly when it started. But twice in one weeks time Ive broken out in hives on my face. Once after I ate some chinese food and the second time after I applied a teeny tiny dab of lotion on my face (I don't apply lotion on my face normally) a few minutes after I applied it I had hives on my chin and along my jawline that itch like CRAZY they were gone in a few hours! Any suggestions