I am 36 years old and in April of this year they found multiple lung nodules and I have been to the doc several times to have them watched but now that there has been growth my DR won't do a biopsy due to my COPD and Asthma. I did a test to see if I have lost my lung capacity but she said that it was good not much damage at this point. I went to my last appointment with her and asked her to do a biopsy so I can as well as my two young children( 13 & 8 ). She said that she would not be willing to do a biopsy because my lungs are in such bad shape. Well that shocked me due to she said that they were good. I asked her what she was trying to say by that and she said that if we did the biopsy I would end up on a respirator for the rest of my life. All of this is too shocking and I do not know what to think of it all. I want the biopsy to I know what I have and if I need to make preparations for my kids. I was exposed to the clean up of the abspestis from my apartment about 7 years ago and 5 different toxic molds. My health has gotten much worse in the last 6 or so years. My doctor said that this looks like masstisized cancer. I am very worried for myself as well as the future of my children. All of this has consumed me for the last four months. I need some answers and would appreciate any input!

Desperate mother in Washington State