So I woke up yesterday morning and I had a pain in the right side (under my boob) of my chest. It is kind of in the middle too.. but NOT on the left. When I breath in deep, I can feel it and it kind of travels up the right side of my throat. I delt with that all day and night, then finally went to sleep. When I woke up the next day (today) it was gone. In the afternoon it came back. Now it is more in the middle of my chest. I took a tums.. it didn't help. I do have a melon size ovarian cyst ( which I am getting removed on Monday) which pusses all my organs together.. like my intestines. That causes a lot of gas. So I guess I am wondering.. what this is. I haven't done any exercise to hurt myself.. I just hope that it is not serious. Has anyone experienced this?
Thank you..