I never could tolerated any thing spicy, not even 1 Flamin' Hot Cheeto. Now, for the past 2 weeks, I've been wanting hot sauce on everything. Corn, pizza, cake, lollipops, Vanilla Zingers (gross I know, but it was delicious to me). You name it, hot sauce was on it. I never had any weird cravings with my first pregnancy, and AF was regular, before I found out I was already 3 mons. Pregnant even after having 2 BFN. I don't believe I'm pregnant, although I was 2 days late and my breast have been sore for 2 weeks. I've heard this happens just before AF arrives, but my breast were never sore then. My boyfriend thought I might be pregnant, but AF came last night, and it seems like a regular flow (sorry TMI). I'm just confused about the sudden cravings for hot sauce. Is it possible that I ''MIGHT" be pregnant again and still seeing AF for a while before getting a BFP? Or, is craving hot sauce caused by some type of deficancy that my body has?