For about a week now, I have had two little red dots, right next to each other, in the middle of my bottom lip. Right on the edge of it. It's not pimples and the skin isn't raised or itchy or anything like that. Also, the corners of my mouth were really cracked and dry. Lotion has been helping with that. But the red dots don't seem to be going away. And they haven't gotten bigger, or changed or anything. They are just kind of... there... And they aren't all that noticeable unless your looking for them, or get really close to my mouth.

Also, I don't have any STD's. I have been tested, and am 100% clean.

Is this something I should worry about? Someone mentioned cancer and that really freaked me out... I don't have any insurance anymore, so any help from on here would be great. Thank you! ):

ALSO! I don't wear any make-up or anything like that! And I haven't eaten/used anything that I could have an allergic reaction to.