So last night I get off the phone with my dad, and lay on the couch to watch some TV before bed.. AND BAM! My bottom right side of my mouth goes numb. It starts tingling and swelling almost immediately! At this moment, I'm freaking out of course! So I take three benedryl, and put a cold wet wash cloth on my face.. hoping to reduce the swelling, and with the benedryl-kick an allergic reactions ***.. BUT AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO WHAT? I hate nothing new, I haven't changed detergents or makeup... Worried and a little confused, I go to sleep and hope that in the morning I will wake up and the benedryl would have had time to kick in and take care of my problem. This morning, I wake up, my mouth isn't quite as swollen, but still noticeable.. What do I do? I went on Web MD and listed my symptoms.. and of course it's a great site, but I don't know what to look for. I've never had anything happen like this, and its quite scary.. Any advice, REAL ADVICE, not jokes.. would be most appreciated..