My doctor took blood test, I took three pregnancy test about two months ago and I took two bleach pregnancy tests yesterday all of them where negative. I had all my periods but there where solid pieces (It looked like my uterus lining ) but my stomach is lightly swollen and I have constant abdominal pain / cramps. My breast are also swollen and hard and was also constipated the last few days. I'm also gassy and my stomach growls a lot .I had a bad stomach virus is February that had me out for longer than a week. I went to see my doctor who was worried about my liver and thyroid gland she took blood test and the results where all negative. She did say that I have irritable bowel syndrome. Everything went back to normal but now the swelling started. I did eat more bread the last few weeks than usual. I stress over nothing and always over react before anything has happen. My mind is playing games and making me think I might be pregnant even if it is clear that I am not. I do stress over little things and quite a lot. But I know I am not pregnant but what can this be?