This is quite annoying and embarrassing as I write it here something I think I want to avoid, only if I could.
I had sex with a slut 2years ago in 2009 around October. I used condom while doing it. I checked it with docttor after I saw few unusual symptoms.. like blisters,lesions in the groin, and a single red spot on the groin, burnign sensation in penis tip, irritation.etc. he gave me few meds and a skin cream to remove groin problems. And they disappeared as soon as I started using it. But just after one year, in 2010, I saw sores in the inside of the foreskin. In addition to this, I had small spots(purple I think,which were visible only when penis was erect) on the glans penis(the head of the penis), to add to it , few spots were found around circumference of the head. I showed it to doc, he said its normal to have spots on the circumference and on the head, but I forgot to get the "sores" in the inside of the foreskin checked. They are still there and a bit greasy or watery which you would expect from the area inside the foreskin. I don't have lesions anymore, neither the spots on the scrotum, but I do get burning sensation while urination(very less often,probably when I am masturbating or sexually fantasizing only). For the last part I have been asked to urinate and empty the bladder before doing any such activity, as this is normal. But I am still concerned with sores or spots.. whatever you call them. I don't really know if I have some STD or even HIV. Any suggestion would be helpful, though I know how embarrassing talking about it as a whole is.. all the while I was doing sex, I knew I should not have.