I have problem, that doctor's are not able to help me with. About year ago I was diagnosed with H.Pilori, was given triple combination (two antibiotics and one anti acid prescription), when I finished taking it I got first bowel movement all white, just like chalk and after that I had diarrhea for two months. I lost 15 lb, was sent for endoscopy, nothing found, barium enema didn't reveal anything, MRI of abdomen and pelvis, nothing. Now I got re tested for H.Pilori and it is negative, yet I have pains in my stomach, immediately after I finish eating I get hunger pains really bad, my stomach fills with gas and then it goes into my intestines, it gets to the point where I am afraid to eat anything, it gets really bad when I lay down, yet I don't have GERD, so what can it be? I am willing to try anything... anybody had similar problem?