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    Aug 20, 2012, 03:51 PM
    Something between my ribs
    Hi my name is Jennifer I was taking a bath and had my leg up while sitting down and had this thing slide out between the middle of my ribs exactly where they meet. It was like the size 2 inch I guess it didn't hurt nor did I feel anything really but I thought it was going to stop my heart so I quickly touched it and kind of pushed it down and it slid right back kind of freaky... I have no health issues, but just want to know what it is...

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I went on a ride at a fair kind of thing on the 30th of may, it was called a twizzler or something, anyway it was two seater and required that the largest person sit on the outside, so being a gentlewoman I volunteered to take that seat and my friend, who is the same build and weight as me, sat...

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No injuries. Sharp pains in right rib cage area if move just "right". Breathing also elicits some pain

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I recently noticed that my ribs arnt even. I'm kind of worried. My right ribs stop about an inch lower then my left ribs. I've had a lot of stomach and digestion trouble recently and we haven't been able to find any cause for it. I've also had some back pain. Could my uneven ribs have anything...

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I am 26 weeks and 3 days pregnant and lately I have been having pain in my bottom ribcage on both sides. Anyone know what could be causing that? Or what I can do for the pain? It's not extreme pain just real annoying pain. I see my doctor in a couple of days, but was just wondering if anyone...

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Hi, I have been hit hard to the rib cage and could not move for 1st day, 3rd day still moving very slowly. Extreme pain in the back muscles rhomboid and serratus ? I am curious about all the sounds of popping and creaking going on around the left side of my rib cage from the front to the back. It...

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