Hello! My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year now and we have both been tested for STDs the tests come back negative, I've been tested 2 in the last year still negative. But a couple months ago... we had sex and immediateley after he was wiping himself off and realized there were a small red like rash or tiny tiny bumps on the head of his penis... and a couple on the shaft towards the penis somtimes they look like small bumps others it looks like small rash, they do not hurt, puss, or itch. The only time they show up is immediatley after sex then they go away the next day or two or we think so because we can't see them anymore the only time it shows up is right after sex. Now it happens everytime before sometimes it wouldnt happen. I started taking new birth control( the pill ) right before this happened but I stopped that a month after I took it we thought that could be a cause of the problem but now its almost 6 mos later and its still doing it, i dont take any medications only vitamins and the same goes for him. Also, after they go away it tends to kind of "dry" out his skin or leave dry skin in a sense where the rash or bumps were.... ANY IDEAS WHAT THIS IS!?!??!