I have been suffering from a multitude of symptoms which include: extreme brain fog/ lack of focus, something that feels like carpal tunnel in my arms and legs, extreme tiredness and sleeping a lot. If I take a nap I sleep for 3-4 hours in addition to 6-8 a night. I almost feel depressed but I am really not! I have hypersensitivity to cold and dry. And strange eye sensitivity. I have gained a lot of weight in the last three years despite making better dietary choices and I recently began walking 3 miles/day. I have difficulty swallowing at times this is quite painful. Also, my periods have become erratic - and very heavy.
My doc ordered blood work which revealed a TSH out of range (6.2) and triglycerides are a bit high (162) good cholesterol a bit low (42) He says nothing wrong no treatment necessary.
My OB says it's just menopause. I am only 45, my sis didn't go through it until well into her 50s.
I can abide most symptoms except the brain changes. I cannot get the doc to understand how sharp I used to be. I am unemployed and finding it difficult to find work. I would like to go back to school (I have academic done for R.N. - no clinical) but I can't even get through a paragraph reading. I really think I am too young for this to be age related. Am I to be a doddering idiot so soon?
Internet research has lead me to hypothyroidism but I only have the one test (TSH) to go on. He didn't order any T3 or T4 tests. Also leery on believing internet stuff.
He treats me like a hypochondriac and has no intention of pursuing this further.
Any light shed would be greatly appreciated.