A lung biopsy report stated "heavy growth" of candida albicans in my lungs. Does this mean it's in the bloodstream, or could it move to the bloodstream or other organs from the lungs? Should it be treated? Doctor who did the biopsy told me all the reports were okay, so I did not know about it until I obtained a copy of the report. I am 69, diabetic, have frequent vaginal yeast infections, have adult onset asthma (no doubt from smoking, but no real trouble breathing till this past year). I have had a productive cough for a long time, was treated for pneumonia last fall (including antibiotic), find it increasingly hard to breathe with any exertion (and sometimes otherwise). I will greatly appreciate input, as I have searched online without finding anything understandably conclusive. The Infectious Diseases Society guidelines say it's not treated if it's found in a mucousal specimen, but this was found in a lung tissue specimen - info seems to say that would be treated like disseminated candida, whatever that means (I'm not familiar with the technical language). Thank you, Ann