My right foot started itching on Thursday of last week. The itch acts very much like a severe pain that hits every few seconds only it is a severe itch inside my right foot. When it started it was in the left heel area but it has moved down to the left side of the ball of my foot behind the big toe. The itch is so intense that it almost makes you sick and you can't resist scratching it. When you do it seems to increase the itching. I went to the doctor and he said he didn't know what it was but gave me Loratadine. I had been using Benadryl, creams, ice, heat, vibrator, etc. and nothing seems to help. I have timed the strikes of itch and sometimes it is five seconds, fifteen seconds up to five minutes apart. I don't get much sleep and need to know if anyone else has ever has such a problem and what to do about it.:confused: