The two aren't connect in so much as they seem to be happening to me. I am in active treatment and conversations with my GP and am asking this as more of a personal experience question rather then a quest for answers.

I am a early middle age fellow, 35, and just swtiched doctors for a variety of reasons. I hadn't really had any serious come back before but I am starting to wonder if that was just inattention on the part of my previous GP. Got the blood tests, and x-rays for my back. The x-rays show arthritis in my lower back. Which, considering my lower back issues, isn't that much of a surprise. All the surprises came from the blood work. It showed that my body was creating antibodies that come with rheumatoid arthritis. On top of that my cholesterol, which was insignificant 8 or so years ago, is high.

So the questions are, what are your experiences with the arthritis, and cholesterol. How do you treat these through diet/over the counter? I know the big treatments are prescription medication and I am fine with that, but I would rather not if able.