Okay so my sister calls me and says that she was sitting in class and she felt like she was going to pass out( she has a history of fainting) so she puts her head down. Some time later she wakes up and there are paramedics there. She then realizes that not only has she passed out but she threw up and pooped. Why would this all happen at once?

She does not have insurance and will not until January so she couldn't go with the paramedics. She faints easily and has for most of her life. She has a fear of needles so it is close to impossible to get her to have her blood taken to have some blood work done.

What would cause her to lose control of her bowel movements and throw up while fainting?

*things to consider...

-she is only 23
-she had a slight cold that day
-she has lived in a warm climate only within the last year
-she has passed out twice within the last few months
The room she passed out in the last time was air conditioned the time before that was outside in the heat.

Any information would help. She is seeing a doctor about her bloodwork in January.