Hi, last Friday I woke up with a lot of pain in the lower right side of my back. It's was raised and swollen. I went to the toilet and passed urine fine. I took some neurofen and went back to bed thinking it would pass. It didn't, the pain steadily got worse and worse, spread round my side and to the front and cause me to be repeatedly sick. I also had a fever that came and went. I was cold then hot, cold then hot. I managed to make an appointment at the doctors so just slept until then to deal with the pain. After I had woken up I felt much better. My back was still sore but the pain was not as intense and I was no longer feeling sick. The doctor didn't know what was wrong and said to just take paracetamol and monitor it over the next few days. I was fine since then until I woke up yesterday (Thursday) with exactly the same thing. Pain in my back, spread round the front, fever, pain got worse until I was sick. Went to the doctor again she ran a urine test and said I had blood in my urine and gave me antibiotics, pain killers and stomach settlers as a procaution but still was unsure of the problem. She told me to ring A and E if it happened again. It happened again at 4 in the morning that day. I rang A and E and they told me to just take the tablets and if it gets worse ring them again. I've been in constant pain since then, with the constant nausea to match. The fever comes and goes. What does anyone think it is? I thought kidney stones but I'm only 20. If it is this or something else what should I do. Should I just stick to taking the tablets for a few days to see if that helps or just go straight to A and E. I thought if it was kidney problems it was urgent to get X-rays etc? Thanks for any help :)