For around the past 2 months, I've been having pains in my lower right side, I thought it was my appendix, so I went to the ER, they did a urinalysis and Blood Test, the first time they took 4 tubes, the second they only took one. They said it was not my Appendix and it might be a viral infection, But the pain is more then a viral infection. The pain is just a little under the right side ribcage and extends around the hip to my back, It hurts most after I eat something or move around too much, at first it was a come and go dull aching pain, but lately it has become more of a constant, sometimes to painful to do ANYTHING pain. ER doctor gave me muscle relaxants(No idea why :confused: ) They helped a LITTLE bit for a while, then stopped. I am not able to get into my doctor until Thursday, and I think it may be something serious, any ideas on what it could be?

Quick Edit: I have not experienced any vomiting/diarhea. Just these pains.