I started feeling a sharp pain in my lower right back/side at 5am this morning that woke me from sleep. I took two advils and fell asleep by 6am. In the morning I felt OK. I showered and went to work. Around mid morning I started feeling the pain again. I started to feel a wave a nausea around 11:45. When I got up from my desk and walked to get food from the food court I felt nauseous and light-headed.
I came home and slept for several hours. When I no long felt nausea at around 2:30 pm I got up and ate soup and half of a tuna sandwich and started trying to do work from home. At around 6pm I started to get chills and feel feverish. I went back to bed until 9pm, at which time I woke up feeling extremely overheated.
I still have the back pain when I move, but if I lay still in bed I cannot feel it.
Please tell me what this could be.