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    Aug 9, 2010, 12:32 PM
    Pain in left breast near heart, just near nipple

    I have a pain that has been bothering me for at about 6 months now that is located about an inch to the right from my left nipple and about and inch down (from my perspective looking down) just near the base of the breast. It is a lingering pain that seems to never go away unless I'm doing something that really requires me to put forth a lot of effort that way my body is doing something else. So I guess you could say it for the most part is at the resting position or that's just the time I always notice it. The pain is more of a tight feeling I suppose, not necessarily a cramp, and does get aggravated sometimes when I twist a certain way or stretch or something of the like.

    The pain does feel like it's a bit under the skin, perhaps near an organ and I feel that nothing is wrong with the breast itself. There are no lumps or anything unusual including discoloring or bruising. I tend to really feel my pulse at this location fairly strongly sometimes. I know it's near the heart of course, but I don't think I should be feeling it right there that much.

    I was diagnosed with heart palpitations in December of last year. The doctors did a blood test which came back fine. They also did and EKG or whatever it is where they hook up sensors to the area to measure heart function, which came back OK. This happened after a weekend of heavy drinking, followed by an energy drink that following Monday. I am the person that tends to worry a bit about problems with my body which probably makes them "feel" worse than they should be due to me focusing on them. I also had a physical with blood tests in February which came back fine, as well as blood drawn at a health fair in April which came back with normal results.

    This info tends to make me think it may not be heart related, but then again I'm not a doctor. I have no family history of heart disease, high cholesterol or any cardiovascular problems.

    I am a male, 25 yrs old, 168 lbs in good physical shape. I do not take medications. I do weightlifting Tues-Thurs for 30 min sessions straight. I take the occasional run with my puppy about 3 times a week for 10-15 minutes. I take protein powder daily, flaxseed oil pills, Kroger Men's Multivitamin, 2-3g glutamine on days I work out with the protein. I don't think any of the supplements would cause this at all, but I figure I'd throw it out there. On a typical weekend I drink about 10-15 beers all together, though lately I have been cutting down to maybe 10 max between Sat. and Sun. while chugging a glass of water in between each beer. I stick away from hard alcohol most all the time. Sometimes the alcohol gets to me and probably gives me anxiety, as I really focus on any little pulse I have near that breast area and I get worried and need air and a 10 minute shower to calm me down and I can't get to sleep on those nights very easily due to focusing on that.

    Overall I feel like the doctors at the ER when I visited in December due to palpitations just kind of went through the processes as another stupid young man that drank an energy drink and had palpitations. I don't feel as though they cared enough because I feel like I've still had something going on in that area ever since then. Almost like they missed something...

    As for the pain in the chest again, perhaps it is a problem with the lung? I really don't know and figure if it hurts a little more when I pull or stretch the area, it probably rules out a heart problem as pulling or tugging shouldn't affect it. It's really getting to me know and I would like some guidance or advice on what needs to be done/checked. I know I have had a lot of tests come back fine but it bothers me. Looking at pictures of diagrams of the heart location in the chest, it seems like this could be a problem lying on the very edge of the heart or with some major artery/vein coming off the heart headed toward my side. Maybe a growth on my lung or perhaps even a problem with my ribcage or muscle right there? I don't remember getting hit hard in the area though to damage the bones/muscles.

    I appreciate your time to read this lengthy post. Any feedback is much appreciated. If I left anything out, please let me know.

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    Nov 12, 2010, 05:19 PM
    You seem to be well educated on health issues and are doing things that are good for your body - getting a physical, having your blood checked, taking vitamins, exercising, etc. Why then are you drinking to excess and using energy drinks? The combination could be causing your palpitations and that "tight" feeling you are experiencing. You are doing so many good things to stay healthy. Cut back on the beer and cut out the energey drinks. That will certainly be healthier for you and may take care of that pain. See if your pain doesn't go away. If it persists, call your physician for a complete physical and be sure and mention your concerns.

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