I have been having left shoulder and elbow pain for few days but today it started in back of neck and side of neck that went away after taking ibp but pain in shoulder and elbow still there sometimes with this pain I gave sharp pain in chest and fingers that last few seconds. I've been suffering from chest pains since February 2012 I've had my heart checked along with bloodwork X-ray of chest as well as ct scan to rule out blood clots everything was normalvand this was done on three different occasions however I did have cheat X-ray and blood work two weeks ago and normal again. I am a suffer of anxiety depression panic attacks and headaches I'm just wondering if this my anxiety or something else and if it is anxiety why does my left side the only affected side? I sometimes feel like I can't get a deep enough breathe or heavy chested when up even just standing doing dishes. Someone had told me people who suffer anxiety sometimes don't breathe right but they don't realize it which can cause that feeling is that true? Please help oh I'm also 11weeks pregnant