I have pain in the left groin area that moves up and down between my left mid-shin, across the top of my left thigh and into the left groin. It has been checked several times over time and now I am having a real problem. In the prone position, I have relatively good movemnet of legs etc, I cannot however turn over in bed or lean back in a sitting position without pain. The chiroprator has checked for the sciatic connection but the stretching and movemnet feels very good actually. The pain starts in left groin and goes to outside midcalf of left leg beside the shin bone with some residual pain in left buttock area and lower back (minor). I am currently being treated by a chiropractor and now massage therapist but the pain is not subsiding. I take several advil daily as well as celebrex on a regualr basis. None of the meds I have tried seem to help. I am most comfortable right now with an ice pack on my left shin with my leg up and supported with a pillow or blanket, as soon as I move from this position, the pain starts in midcalf and moves up to groin area(very quickly) which then causes my left leg and groin area to become the primary cause of my discomfort. Walking is difficult to say the least as the pain causes me to wear out very quickly (5-10mins). I cannot lift my left leg by myself without support from my hands. This has been a severe problem now since the 17th of December. I drove about 800 kilometres in the space of 2 days, with no pain anywhere!! I got home, started to decorate the tree and the next day was virtually unable to get out of bed without considerable pain and struggling. Hope I have provided enough info. For someone to give me some idea of what to do next. Thanks.