I have a strange odor when I breath out since last year. I walk in the street & people give me bad looks, hold their nose. I even stink up my job w this odor. I hate going out, waiting in line anywhere, avoid friends BC of the embarrassment. It's become traumatizing since I can't smell my own odor until the reactions of people towards me.
I have 4th ENT opinion & they don't smell my odor but my gastro did notice & told me to take a stronger probiotic but this hasn't helped. My allergist also noticed my odor, tested me for things and suggested what to ask at my ENT. I've even asked my ENT for sinus cat scan & I have not heard back.
I asked another doc for std throat swabs & she noticed my throat is very dry that even questioned if she had enough on the swab.
My gastro is going to measure my stomach acid next week but why didn't my 1st ENT test me last year?
So my: odor, feeling like something is stuck in my throat, dry back throat, right ear aches, barely any saliva, tingles inside the middle of my nose, inconsistent taste/smell, inconsistent bowel movements.
Is there someone out there to suggest helpful solutions?