I recently was re-finishing a cabinet with a lot of up and down arm movement. After about 2 weeks of continuosly doing this, I started experiencing severe pain in my right arm with numbness and tingling. I started seeing a Chiropractor and the pain has lessen, but I'm starting to experience pain in the back of my neck now. I felt as though I was getting better, but the Chiro put me on a new traction machine and the pain in my neck is getting worse it seems. The chiro is not exactly sure what is going on with me as I have no insurance for an MRI, but what I'm wondering is can a Chiropractor create problems for you or make you hurt worse when you leave from seeing them? Is this pain that I'm experiencing until the healing can start? I've been seeing her 3x a week for a month now. I'm not sure why my neck is hurting so when it started with right arm numbness and tingling. Any help or knowledge is greatly appreciated.