For a few weeks now, I've been itching extremely bad all over my body. Usually my thighs worst of all. I assumed I was gaining weight and it was just because my skin was stretching(I'm noticing more stretch marks than before).
Now all of the sudden everywhere it itches(worse than before!) As soon as I scratch I have tons of red bumps that are warm to the touch and seem to spread.
The itching is almost unbearable now, and the red spots seem to be everywhere! I have them all over!
I also have been brauising badly for no reason the past few months. My skin also seems to have a tiny bit of a purple tint to it.
I also have what I think was a spider bite on my back. The doctor looked at it and gave me amoxicilin.
Here is a photo to show what the red marks look like. I can't get into my doctor's office for at least a week.
Thanks in advance,