I have an itchy inner and a 'sticky' throat which has been bothering me for quite some time. My ears are so itchy at times I have made them raw by constantly poking at them. My doctor dismissed this as paranoia and told me to stop touching them all time! At the same time my throat has been clogged up with phlegm and I have to keep clearing it all the time which really irritates my family when we are sitting watching TV.

I heard that maybe these symptoms could be linked to a dairy intolerance - does anyone know if this is true? I have asked my doctor if I could be tested for this and he told me it was very expensive to test for just one possible allergy at a time but when I looked into having the testing done at my nearest Holland and Barrat (health food store) by an independent expert, it was going to cost around 50.

I'd be grateful for any advice - or diagnosis! I see my doctor next week so I'll be bringing this up at the appointment but it would be nice to know what I'm talking about this time! Thanks for all your help :)