I am a 47 year old female that has had this itching problem for 10 years. I have seen every kind of doctor for this and I have had all the blood work that goes along with it also. The Dr.'s look at me like I am CRAZY :confused: I have been diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck with spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease. I just had the first cortisone shot 2 weeks ago in my left arm, because I was in so much pain I had to have some relief. I cannot take pain medications it makes me nauseated.:( I have a apt with a Neurological appointment in 2 weeks. I had my first apt back in 1999 with Neurological Surgeon and that is when I was Surgeon.
The itching started on my arm and now it is across my shoulders and forearms. When you scratch once it leads to more and more. It is worse at night. It awakes me from my sleep now. Ice is really the only thing that will help. I have used creams, lotions
etc... :( It can get really embarrassing at times.:o .

If anyone has any suggestions please write and express.